Shake Shake

A band of blues and rock

Shake Shake has two tracks on Bandcamp that you can get for fifty cents each! They’re totally blues garage rock. This girl has a sick voice too. Check them out even if you don’t want to shell out the one dollar for these awesome songs!

The first one is called “Go Away”, and it’s totally driven by this really awesome, really crunchy guitar riff. This is a rock song. This would sound really impressive at full volume in the top room at a mid-sized bar somewhere. I’d definitely watch it. There’s something about blues rock that makes you want to experience it in person.

The other track is called “Run, Abel, Run,” and it’s a bit of a creepier slow jam. There’s a male singer on this one with the girl, adding to the spookiness. This one is really good. I don’t know anything about Tulsa specifically, but this totally seems like a western saloon jam. I think I like “Run, Abel, Run” better than “Go Away.” It’s got some sharp dynamic and rhythm changes. I love those. It’s a sick story song too. That always helps.

Check out Shake Shake! I couldn’t find a Facebook page for them, but definitely go over to their Bandcamp and listen to them! If you like bluesy garage rock, there is no question that you will definitely like this. If you’re in Tulsa, go find them live and listen to them! This is one kind of music that is almost always better louder and live.

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